Xcede Technologies Announces Collaboration with Cook Biotech Inc.


ROCHESTER, Minn., Jan. 6, 2016 — Xcede Technologies, Inc. today announced that it has signed three collaboration agreements with Cook Biotech Inc. of West Lafayette, IN including a Development Agreement, a License Agreement and a Supply Agreement to complete development, seek regulatory clearance and produce Xcede’s resorbable hemostatic patch.

Xcede Technologies, a subsidiary of Dynasil Corporation of America (“DCA”), is based in Rochester, MN and Seattle, WA and began operations in October 2013 following a technology transfer from Dynasil Biomedical, a subsidiary of DCA.

Xcede is committed to the development and manufacturing of innovative hemostatic and sealant products to control severe bleeding in surgical applications.  Xcede’s resorbable hemostatic patch is currently under development and the Company is anticipating starting clinical trials in early 2017.

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