Top Story: IP…Frequently Gets New “Album Art”

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by: Tom Hochstatter

Today, we are excited to announce and share our new IP…Frequently podcast Album Art. For the uninitiated Album Art is the required graphic that one needs when one publishes to the iTunes site. We are certain that many people will stop and take a look at this and attempt to discern exactly what we are up to on the podcast.  All the more reason to stay and listen we suppose. IP…Frequently was not invented nor produced simply for the IP nerds out there.

Our hope is that we can bring just enough patent depth to keep the IP experts engaged (or enraged), but also bring a lighter fare and levity for the patent newbie, or the wanderer-by iTunes pedestrian looking to lose 30 minutes of their life.

Most importantly, we wanted it to be fun and if you have heard even a few minutes of any one of the episodes you will learn that neither host, Brad nor David, will allow a serious tone for more that a few seconds without interjecting a completely unrelated anecdote about the New England Patriots, the Godfather movie trilogy, or a recent stray news headline.

So whether you like the new album art or hate it – we’ve done our job. But the podcasting won’t be complete without you:

a) subscribing,

b) commenting, or

c) yelling at us for something we’ve done that is likely inappropriate in at least one culture from around the globe. So remember,


IP Frequently – where, while always fair, nothing is off limits. We invite you to join the conversation.

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