SIPO Deputy Commissioner He Zhimin Meets with Representative of the WIPO Director General on the UN Sustainable Development Goals Ridha Bouabid


On February 26, SIPO Deputy Commissioner He Zhimin met with a delegation led by Ridha Bouabid, Representative of the WIPO Director General on the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

He Zhimin welcomed the visit by Ridha Bouabid and briefed him on the efforts of the Chinese government and SIPO to implement the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda.  He Zhimin pointed out that the Chinese government attached great importance to sustainable development and proposed five developments ideas–innovative, coordinated, green, open, and shared development model, which made positive contributions to global sustainable development.

Bouabid expressed his gratitude to the Chinese government for its generous invitation and highly appreciated the cooperation already carried out between the two sides. He pointed out that such cooperation benefited not only the two sides, but also other countries.  He said that China’s high-speed development in recent years could be attributed to a strong political will and powerful resource mobilization at home and abroad, with many countries paying high attention to China’s effort in development and hoping to learn more China’s successful experiences. He expected the two sides to continue their joint efforts in the implementation of sustainable development goals.

The two sides also discussed about their cooperation planned to be carried out in sustainable development. Ju Shuanke, Director of the Intellectual Property Office of Shaanxi, also attended the meeting.

Lu Zhiyuan, Deputy Governor of Shaanxi Province, met with the delegation led by Ridha Bouabid during their stay in Shaanxi. (Translated from SIPO Website Chinese Version)

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