Potential $120M Exposure For ZTE In Patent Case

From the Texarkana Gazette, a two-week trial ended last week with a verdict in favor of patent owner Maxell Ltd in their patent lawsuit against ZTE USA Inc. The jury awarded $43.3 M in damages and agreed that ZTE’s infringement of the patents was willful. United States District Judge Robert Schroeder III presides over the case and will have to decide whether to increase the damages as a result of the willfulness finding by as much as 3x. The Maxell trial team released the following statement:

“The litigation involved seven patents directed towards smartphone and tablet technology including navigation, power management, audio and camera features,” according to a statement from the law firm Mayer Brown, which is among several representing Maxell. “On July 2, shortly after the jury verdict, the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) Patent Trial and Appeal Board denied the seventh and final Inter Partes Review filed by ZTE on the patents, underscoring the strength of the patents as determined by both the USPTO and the jury. This massive victory for Maxell ends several years of hard-fought litigation.”

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