Opinion: Samsung Threatens U.S. Prosperity By Disregarding Intellectual-Property Rights

Silicon Valley executive and inventor Gilbert F. Amelio detailed his own experience with Samsung in an opinion piece for for Investor’s Business Daily:

Once again Samsung has been ordered to pay Apple hundreds of millions of dollars for infringing that company’s intellectual property. But early reaction from Samsung seems to suggest another appeal and yet another round in Apple’s six-year-old lawsuit against the South Korean tech giant for infringing iPhone patents. But then, courtrooms are familiar venues for Samsung.

An article from Vanity Fair in 2014 tells us why: “According to various court records and people who have worked with Samsung, ignoring competitors’ patents is not uncommon for the Korean company. And once it’s caught, it launches into the same sort of tactics used in the Apple case: deny, delay, countersue, lose, delay some more, appeal, and then, when defeat is imminent, settle.”

But there’s more to this story than Samsung’s being a sharp-elbowed competitor. Its practice of infringing patents and then using its vast resources to finance protracted, costly litigation is eroding the U.S. patent system …

Dr. Amelio goes on to describe how his own company, Pictos Technologies, was put out of business by Samsung’s infringement. Read the full article.

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