Monument Peak Ventures, part of Dominion Harbor, Acquires Iconic Kodak portfolio from Intellectual Ventures

by: Tom Hochstatter

Nothing beats the opportunity to report on one of your own patent transactions! And a big one at that.

Today, I am thrilled to announce that Dominion Harbor wholly-owned subsidiary, Monument Peak Ventures acquired the iconic Kodak patent portfolio that was made first available back in 2012/2013 amidst their necessary restructuring. Intellectual Ventures succeeded in spearheading a large consortium of leading technology and imaging firms to have acquire the patents.

Now, Monument Peak Ventures (MPV) and Intellectual Ventures have completed a significant patent acquisition transaction in an effort to insure that the broadest global consumer base benefits from these innovations. The terms are governed by a confidentiality agreement among the various parties and unfortunately cannot be disclosed. You can read the full press release here.

What I can tell you is this pioneering portfolio spans more than 1,000 global patent families with issues in every major jurisdiction. Many of the patent families have been licensed globally to leading F500/G2000 technology firms.

This portfolio covers a vast spectrum of digital image manipulation, online image management & storage, and camera hardware such as bodies, lenses and button technologies. Other portions of Kodak’s coveted portfolio have previously been licensed to leaders in digital imaging, including smartphone makers, online image storage providers, and more recently, drone and autonomous vehicle makers.

From our CEO, David Pridham: “We see tremendous untapped value in these technologies, which are part of IV’s broad and diverse portfolio of high-quality IP assets,” said David Pridham, chairman and CEO of Dominion Harbor Enterprises, “and we have developed a comprehensive global plan to commercialize these innovations into ground-breaking new products and services. Besides our large global network of licensees and strategic partners, we have unique channels through which we can put the Kodak innovations to work — including our Monument IP Bank subsidiary, the world’s first IP bank for startups.”

As one can imagine with a transaction of this nature it takes quite a bit of time on both sides to complete. The MPV team has been hard at work assessing the innovations and outlining strategies to deploy these innovations in the most efficient and impactful manner. You can expect to see various families, bundles and portfolios available over the next 3-6 weeks.

What may not be apparent is that there is still quite a bit of strategic prosecution ongoing within this portfolio – both in the US and abroad. The team expects to see new issues and new applications for the foreseeable future. It is truly amazing to witness the inventions of Kodak inventors from years back still relevant and slightly omniscient…definitely, much to see from the “how did they know that, then” department.

MPV also will benefit from the global partner network Dominion Harbor has built since its founding in 2013 – especially China and Europe. Digital imaging is benefiting, in a large part, from the some 2.1 Billion smartphones clicking away every second of every day. In fact, I just read about Snap’s (Snapchat) pending S-1 and assert their daily active users create 2.5 Billion snaps per day. That’s alot of snaps or photos, stories, etc. – and their S-1 table of contents says Snap is a camera company. That’s a new kind of camera company for sure.

To say the team will be busier than a “one-armed paper hanger” or a “one legged-man in a butt kicking contest” may be redundant, but I can say we are excited to kick things off here early in 2017. Dare we say this is our “Kodak Moment”.

If you would like to learn more, go to our website or email us to get in touch.

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