We have a new USPTO Director: a 94-0 vote for Iancu is step in right direction

Andrei Iancu

Still uncertain why his final, full confirmation took so long we are thrilled to have a new head of the USPTO – Andrei Iancu


Tom Hochstatter - Managing Editor, IPWire by: Tom Hochstatter | February 5, 2018

Well time sure flies when you’re having fun playing “Whack-A-Mole” at the PTAB or with your myriad office actions with a patent examiner bent on denying your patent application on 101 grounds, but I digress, the wait is finally over and we have our next US Patent Office Director in Andrei Iancu with a resounding vote (literally) of confidence from the full US Senate at 94-0 votes for his confirmation. We are thrilled and wish Director Iancu godspeed is getting his arms around his agency and get us moving on a positive trajectory to regain our rightful spot as one of the top innovating economies on earth.

There’s been dozens and dozens of articles written on the speculation of Iancu’s reign at the patent office upcoming and we can only hope it begins with a neutralization of its most recent past PTO Director’s sins of inequality: panel stacking, #gangof5 influences, plight of the individual inventor, among others. The patent system was founded on principals of “patents as private property rights” and while I’m no Constitutional scholar, I believe that this as a guiding principal can center much of what past administrations have derailed.

The US Senate from its initial hearings had glowing things to say about Mr. iancu in his original Senate Judiciary Committee hearings:

“Mr. Iancu has a proven record in the field of intellectual property law,” Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA) said moments before the vote. “He has an excellent academic and professional background in intellectual property law. He’s extremely knowledgeable about the patent system. He’s well respected in the legal community.”

Mr. Iancu we welcome you to your new role. We know it is a volatile position, and, while no pressure, the future of the free world may in fact be riding on many of your actions (or in-actions) in the coming years.  We believe that if you too keep inventors first on your agenda then the right policy and right economic outcomes will prevail. Invention simply cannot be politicized.

Oh, and that Oil States case over at #SCOTUS – be on the look out for that…


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