New at Forbes: Top 10 Halloween Inventions

Our CEO, David Pridham, is back this month with a fun look at some great Halloween-related inventions over the years. From modern-day innovations like augmented reality and geotracking your little ones, to classic things like door knockers and articulated masks, he covers it all:

5. Animated Decorations

Hallmark has a patent (US9759413B2) on a device that projects a witch’s face at night that moves around with the shadows.

7. Spider Web Maker

Weave your own webs to get your house ready for Halloween. This 2011 patent (US7866276B2) is for a hand-held “gun” that uses pressurized air directed into a stream of hot glue discharging from the nozzle, which then creates spider web-like filaments that dry and cool quickly. Home Depot and other retailers carry improved versions of this device.

10. Articulated Mask

Halloween masks today are amazingly sophisticated, some with smartphone-controlled lights, animations, and other special effects. But way back in prehistory—I’m talking about 40 years ago in 1978—someone had to invent the first articulated mask (US4121304-A). And that someone was Benjamin Cooper.

Be sure to hop on over and check out this great tribute to some fun innovations over the years!

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