New At Forbes: A New Sheriff Aims To Stop Patent Thievery

Over at Forbes, Dominion Harbor CEO David Pridham has a new piece up about new USPTO Director Iancu. Here’s a taste:

But fear not, American innovators! There’s a new intellectual property sheriff in town — the new director of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), Andrei Iancu. And he is already starting to bring about a much-needed revitalization of the American patent system.

Soon after taking command at the Patent Office, Director Iancu gave a speech in which he warned that “our patent system is at a crossroads.” For years, he said, “our system has been pushed and pulled, poked and prodded. The result is a system in which the patent grant is less reliable today than it should be.”

Indeed, in the few months since taking office, Director Iancu has issued new guidance on patent eligibility forbidding patent examiners from denying a patent unless they have clear and specific evidence that the invention is merely routine rather than truly inventive. In addition, he revamped the Patent Trial and Appeal Board to reduce the number of challenges to properly-issued patents and allow more liberal claim amendments by patent owners. Finally, he plans to appoint a new and more patent-savvy chief judge of the PTAB.

Check out the rest right now over at Forbes.

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