Mediacom Communications Extends Licensing Agreement With TiVo to Transform TV Viewing for Customers

Company Release – 4/10/2018 8:00 AM ET

SAN JOSE, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)– TiVo Corporation (NASDAQ: TIVO), a global leader in entertainment technology and audience insights, today announced that it has renewed its product and patent portfolio license agreement with Mediacom Communications, a top 10 multichannel video service provider in the U.S. The extension provides Mediacom with access to a range of TiVo products, including the TiVo Gateway DVR, TiVo Mini, classic guides, analytics and intellectual property (IP).

Under the agreement, TiVo’s relationship with Mediacom will expand to new platforms beyond the traditional DVR. Mediacom’s 800,000 subscribers can enjoy TiVo’s visually rich user experience (UX), which ensures viewers are always close to what they are looking for across content sources and gives them faster access to their entertainment. The relationship with TiVo provides other benefits to Mediacom, including the ability to offer best-in-class services and features with TiVo’s innovative IP and powerful analytics tools.

“This expanded agreement with Mediacom underscores the value that TiVo’s innovative technology portfolio brings to the fast-growing and hyper-competitive entertainment industry,” said Michael Hawkey, senior vice president and general manager, User Experience, TiVo. “With this agreement, TiVo will expand its relationship with Mediacom to also include our next-generation non-DVR, our next-generation user experience and conversational voice offerings. We look forward to helping Mediacom succeed in the fast-evolving entertainment market.”

“Working with TiVo, we look forward to deploying enhancements to our Xtream advanced services offering,” said John Pascarelli, EVP, Operations for Mediacom. “Over the years, we’ve come to value the relationship that we have with TiVo, and the entertainment experiences they help us deploy for our customers.”

TiVo has spent decades investing in research and development to create market-leading technologies for the media and entertainment industry. TiVo’s innovative solutions touch practically every aspect of consumers’ day-to-day interaction with their entertainment, enabling customers to build customized, next-generation digital entertainment solutions for users around the globe.

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