Lack of awareness about IP laws a worry for startup ecosystem

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Intellectual Property (IP) law and its protection has never been India’s forte, and this has often come back to haunt its work around innovation. Especially worrisome have been the recent Intellectual Property (patent, copyrights, design rights) infringements by Chinese firms. So when Reverie Language Technologies won a favourable verdict at the Delhi High Court recently, it was a victory for Indian intellectual property protection as well.

The high court has said that till the next date of hearing, the defendant (a Chinese tech firm), has been restrained from infringing Reverie’s Font Library software, much to the relief of the Indian company, Reverie. At this ex-parte stage, only an injunction restraining the defendant from using the software in which the plaintiff (Reverie) has a copyright, from infringing the software can be granted, the court said.

Reverie’s mission is to empower Indian languages online. Most of India’s internet is in English, despite the fact that 90 percent of India’s population does not speak the language. The company seeks to address this and democratise the Indian internet.

Reverie’s counsel had contended that a commissioner be appointed to seize one sample each of all feature phones being manufactured by the defendant. The court has allowed for such an appointment…

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