Inventor of the First Int.’l Blockchain Patent in China Launches PCHAIN, the First Multichain Blockchain System

Dr. Feng Cao has Created PCHAIN, the First Native Multichain System that Supports Ethereum Virtual Machine

LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / May 14, 2018 / Dr. Feng Cao, the inventor of the first international blockchain patent in China, is pleased to announce the launch of PCHAIN, the first multichain blockchain system.

As a company spokesperson noted, PCHAIN is the first native multichain system in the world that supports Ethereum Virtual Machine, or EVM, which in turn will make large scale blockchain applications possible. EVM is a project management technique for measuring project performance and progress, the spokesperson explained.

According to an article on, a great deal of research went into creating PCHAIN. While the single-chain system provided by Bitcoin and Ethereum had a lot of positive qualities including the security of blockchain data, the article points out that they also had some challenges.

“To solve these problems, PCHAIN plans to provide a multichain system that supports the EVM; at the moment, most of the smart contracts in the world are built on the EVM,” the article noted, adding that the PCHAIN protocol will reportedly be faster and more scalable than any other blockchain, and users on EVM will be able to migrate existing DApps and build new ones on the protocol.

“There are some multi-chain platforms in existence that improve throughout by facilitating parallel transaction processing, but most of them don’t support EVM.”…

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