Indivior suffers a major downfall due to its loss in the patent case

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There are two factors in life the leniency of which can cause major physical as well as mental issues.  One is getting the right diagnosis by the doctor and the other is an intake of the right medicines. If any of these go wrong, you may have to strive hard to survive. But if they are done right, then it can lead you to a healthier life. After all, if you don’t have a healthy life than money and success are unimportant. This is why any kind of negative publicity can adversely affect the progress rate of any pharmaceutical company. This is what happened with Indivior as well.

Indivior is a pharmaceutical company based in London which was founded in the year of 1994. The company mainly specializes in producing medicines that can help you get rid of an addiction. This is very tricky business as a consumer may get the hang of using these medicines as an alternative to addiction. This is why pharmaceutical manufacturers have to be precise with their chemical formulas. Owing to this kind of importance, Indivior was proud of its expertise. Turns out that its field of expertise wasn’t unique after all. This knowledge came to the light after a recent ruling by the U.S. court. Also, it led to the decline of the company in terms of its share prices.

More about Indivior’s patent case

Friday morning witness the drop of Indivior’s stock prices by almost 40 percent. This sudden downfall took place as a result of the U.S. court ruling not turning out in the company’s favor. The company had challenged its rivals in the U.S. court that they had infringed upon its patent of a particular drug. The company majorly attains its income through Suboxone, which is a heroin addiction treatment. As it generates most of its finance from the sale of this drug, it wanted to make sure that no other company sold the same. But its plan significantly backfired.

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