Huawei vs Samsung Patent Lawsuit Shows The Growing Power of Chinese Courts

GizmoChina reports that:

Huawei and Samsung had locked horns in legal battles since 2016. Huawei filed two separate lawsuits against Samsung, one was filed in the U.S while the second one was filed in China. Both suits bother on Samsung’s alleged use of Huawei’ technology without a license.

The lawsuit raises our consciousness to the emerging leadership of the Chinese justice system in adjudicating patent laws infringement. The leadership role just happens to be the fast and reliable manner in which the case was decided. Huawei alleged that Samsung used its cellular communications technology without authorization and has unreasonably delayed entering into a licensing agreement. Samsung has denied the allegations and accused Huawei of seeking “grossly” inflated licensing fees. However, a Chinese court found Samsung liable and issued an order blocking Samsung’s Chinese affiliates from manufacturing and selling 4G LTE smartphones in China.

Because the case potentially pits the US and Chinese legal systems against one-another, it is being closely watched. Chinese legal expert Erick Robinson explained during an interview that “[t]his has never happened before, at least not on this scale.” Robinson recently commented on IPWire that  “litigation in China is the great equalizer.” Dominion Harbor CEO David Pridham recently moderated a panel at IPBC Global 2018 on Chinese dealmaking. During the discussion, panelists noted a lot of optimism about licensing in China, but cautioned that there are still “horror stories.” The Huawei/Samsung litigation will be another in a line of data points to hopefully indicate the role of Chinese courts in the international IP protection space.

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