HCL to invest ₹500 crores ($77.0 M USD) in State – to focus on IP

The Andhra Pradesh government and HCL Technologies on Thursday signed a Memorandum of Understanding to establish a Global Information Technology Development and Training Centre that will hire, train and employ over 5,000 from the State, here.

The MoUs were exchanged by IT Secretary to Government K. Vijayanand and HCL Technologies, Engineering and R&D Services President G.H. Rao here in the presence of Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu and HCL Technologies founder and Chairman Shiv Nadar.

Revealing the plans of the company, Mr. Shiv Nadar said they would be carrying out intellectual property (IP)-based work besides initiating the HCL’s Early Career programme for the teenagers and also women of the region.

The HCL will be investing ₹500 crore and the first phase of the project will come up near Kesarapalli near Gannavaram and the second will be at Inavolu of the capital region.

The local candidates selected for the programme will undergo training programmes by industry experts and work for the global customers of the HCL.

“IP-based work which is very unique is being done by overseas companies in India but not Indian companies, so we will be doing it right here.

“Though we do it, like how everybody does, the new thing is an initiation of the Early Career programme,” Mr. Nadar said.

IP to drive growth

The company has spent $700 million in acquiring IP and is looking forward to investing $4 billion in the next four years, according to Mr. Nadar. “The IP is a completely different side of the IT and that is what we want Vijayawada for. An 18-year-old is good enough for our business and we can teach them engineering in two years. We will cover entire Andhra Pradesh through the programme,” Mr. Nadar said. Stating that it is a great achievement to have the HCL in the State, Mr. Naidu called on Mr. Nadar to contribute towards making Andhra Pradesh the hub of knowledge.

“Make this State your second home. I don’t think it will take much time for you to grow here and the HCL will be a trendsetter in the development of IT in AP. Among every four IT professionals, there is one from India and among every four Indian IT professionals there is one from AP,” Mr. Naidu said. “You have to help me in the area of knowledge development. We have already registered double-digit growth and have been saving 5 to 10% of expenditure using IT. I need your cooperation in making AP a knowledge hub and promote IT,” Mr. Naidu said addressing Mr. Nadar.

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