GoPro’s World-Class Patent Portfolio Gains Recognition, Showcasing Depth and Variety of Innovation

GoPro has been on an innovation tear that has catapulted the company to the No. 4 spot in IEEE Spectrum’s Patent Pipeline Power rankings for Electronics companies, and No. 31 overall. IEEE’s patent scorecard rates technology companies on a formula that takes into account the number of granted patents in a given year, the impact of these patents on a company’s products, the originality of the patents and the diversity and variety of uses of these innovations as they relate to the rest of a company’s portfolio.

In recent years, with a focus on helping the world celebrate and share itself in immersive and exciting ways, GoPro has expanded its product lineup–breaking ground in and beyond its well-known hardware devices–to create innovations that incorporate computer vision, software ecosystems, cloud experiences, spherical technology, new metadata formats, machine learning, artificial intelligence and stabilization solutions.

GoPro’s patent portfolio growth is accelerating–with 67% of its portfolio granted in the last two years–in parallel with the company’s intense focus on inventing new ways to tell stories.

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