Fitbit resolves all litigation with Jawbone

Fitness tracker specialist Fitbit said it has reached a settlement with wearable device maker Jawbone, currently under liquidation and represented in this matter by AliphCom. The deal resolves all outstanding litigation between the two companies. Fitbit said the terms of the agreement will remain confidential and that “both sides look forward to putting these disputes behind them.

Jawbone sued Fitbit in 2015, alleging that employees who moved to the competitor passed on sensitive business information. It later added patent infringement claims to the suit. The US International Trade Commission cleared Fitbit of all claims in August 2016. The ruling followedearlier decisions that eliminated all six of the Jawbone patents asserted against Fitbit.

Amid lidquidation proceedings, Jawbone co-founder and CEO Hosain Rahman started a new company called Jawbone Health Hub. The company makes health-related hardware and software and services Jawbone devices. Jawbone raised USD 165 million in new financing in January of last year.

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