Court Finds For Arachnid In Gaelco’s Patent Infrigement Lawsuit

Posted On: 5/14/2018

LOVES PARK, IL — Arachnid reports that a patent infringement suit brought against it by Galeco S.A. has been dismissed.

Judge Thomas M. Durkin of the United Stated District Court for the Northern District of Illinois Eastern Division granted Arachnid’s motion to dismiss the case on December 21, 2017.

In a suit filed on November 15, 2016, Gaelco alleged that Arachnid’s Victory Ranked Series (VRS) feature infringed upon its computerized referee system. Judge Durkin found that the Gaelco patent  claims “were directed at abstract ideas and did not contain any new, inventive or non-obvious elements, thus rendering it ineligible for patent protection,” Arachnid explained.

“Arachnid respects intellectual property and the U.S. patent system, having acquired and defended many of our own patents over the years,” said Arachnid president Sam Zammuto. “Our confidence never diminished that their lawsuit was frivolous.”…

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