‘The channel needs to invest more in intellectual property’ – partners

Partners that have invested in their own intellectual property tell CRN why the channel’s reliance on buying and selling might prove fatal in the future

The IT channel needs to invest more in its own intellectual property (IP) as emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and public cloud become more prominent.

Speaking in the latest issue of CRN (out next Monday) channel firms explained how they have invested in software development, on top of products from the likes of Microsoft and Amazon Web Services, to solve specific customer problems. All three partners also incorporated AI and machine learning into the solutions.

Mitchell Feldman, chief digital officer at Microsoft partner RedPixie, said the firm has made a conscious effort to focus more on IP as the public cloud giants rely less and less on the channel for selling products and services.

RedPixie has worked with a UK healthcare provider to create a smartwatch which monitors the wearer’s health, and can send out alerts based on the data it gathers.

“All the cloud providers are eventually going to go direct to the consumer and for the very easy workloads they’ll offer those services from free, or offer tooling,” he said. “We’re seeing that already.

“Building our own IP means that our business is highly sustainable and repeatable. We’ve built this quality, repeatable pattern that we can apply to different industries and create a revenue stream for ourselves.”

Howard Hall, managing director at Solutionpath, said the growing complexity of technology means that solutions will naturally require greater collaborations between parties.

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