Blackbird Technologies Settles Patent Infringement Case Concerning Exercise Equipment

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Blackbird Technologies has settled a patent infringement lawsuit related to large-scale exercise equipment.

Blackbird Technologies filed two patent infringement lawsuits against four defendants in August 2016 in the United States District Court for the District of Delaware. The patent at issue is United States Patent No. 6,705,976, relating to large exercise equipment known as home gyms. In May 2017, the cases were transferred to the Central District of California. Blackbird Technologies settled the first of these lawsuits this month, against TuffStuff Fitness International, Inc. (17-cv-03487).

Chris Freemen, VP and Head of Litigation for the company, stated, “This result shows the tenacity of Blackbird’s litigation team. Blackbird’s litigators doggedly prosecuted this case – literally from coast to coast – to fight for the rights secured by an individual inventor.”

Wendy Verlander, President and CEO of Blackbird Technologies, added, “This invention is a very innovative approach to home gym equipment, allowing for improved performance and capability. We are immensely pleased that the inventor is able to see real value for his contributions to this widely-used technology.”

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Blackbird Technologies provides a unique opportunity for individual inventors and small companies to realize the value of their patents. By using in-house expertise, rather than expensive law firms, Blackbird Technologies is able to litigate at reduced costs and achieve results that equal or exceed what a law firm would recover. This company creates efficiencies that make it possible for individual inventors and small companies to see the end game – realizing the true value of their patents.

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