Autonomous driving software systems startup Zenuity acquires Beyonav intellectual property and trademarks

Zenuity, the joint venture of Autoliv and Volvo Cars, announced today that it has acquired the intellectual property and trademarks of Beyonav, a technology services company delivering innovative, location-based solutions that go beyond traditional applications of navigation technology. The new startup is at the forefront in the development of system software for advanced driver assist systems (ADAS) and autonomous driving (AD) technologies.

As part of the acquisition agreement, Beyonav’s Founder & President, Jens Nitzschke, will join Zenuity as Director Map Infrastructure, based in Chicago. Zenuity will own the Beyonav name. Beyonav’s Beyomap, a proprietary map data run-time format, and other assets will give Zenuity a unique framework to implement into its “Connected Roadview Product,” a supplier-independent map, enhancing the company’s expertise and accelerating its business mission and objectives.

Beyomap provides Zenuity with:

  • A distinct mapping model for automated road mapping with safety sensors
  • A global design for full mapping automation
  • Support for all essential map features
  • Streamlined software design for embedded to cloud platforms
  • A map database engine more efficient than traditional database engines

Mr. Nitzschke brings to Zenuity a strong technical background, successful management experience and an ability to foster lasting partnerships in the field, all of which have enabled him to turn innovative ideas into proven solutions. As a visionary in the digital mapping field, Mr. Nitzschke has consistently embraced an innovative approach to delivering new location-based technologies across enterprise, automotive and wireless industries.

“Bringing Beyonav’s intellectual property into the Zenuity technology suite will immediately move us several steps forward in our pursuit of taking the dream of safe, reliable self-driving vehicles and making it real for drivers across the globe. At the same time, adding Jens Nitzschke to the Zenuity family further strengthens what was already a stellar team of talent across all facets of the autonomous software development spectrum. We recognize that we are only as good as our people, and I am proud to say that we have assembled an all-star team that will help lead the automotive industry into a very exciting future,” Dennis Nobelius, Zenuity CEO, said.

Founded in 2017, Zenuity’s mission is to use the latest ADAS/AD know-how to create robust and flexible solutions that are at the technological forefront – for today and tomorrow.  The company, with offices in Sweden (Gothenburg), the U.S. (Detroit) and Germany (Munich), is a joint venture of Autoliv and Volvo Cars, the first-ever ADAS and AD technology collaboration between a tier one supplier and a leading premium car manufacturer. While Autoliv is the exclusive supplier and distribution channel for all Zenuity products sold to third parties, there is no exclusivity toward any customer or the owners. The company is expected to have its first driver assistance products available for sale by 2019, with autonomous driving technologies following shortly thereafter.

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