Announcing IP…Frequently – the IP industry Podcast of the Future

by: Tom Hochstatter |

The name, IP…Frequently should say it all, but in case not – super proud of the entire Dominion Harbor team for rallying around the idea of producing edgy, engaging and downright controversial content for the interminably dull Intellectual Property industry (collective present company excluded of course).

The notion of a powerful and compelling podcast to advance the issues of Intellectual Property has been on the IPWire strategic agenda for years now, but it wasn’t until we were able to marry the concept with the high octane personalities of David “see the Patriots win the Super Bowl” Pridham and Brad “the Colonel” Sheafe, here at Dominion Harbor, that it could become a reality. Couple their downright passion for IP and Innovation with their unrivaled industry expertise, IP…Frequently was born into this world kicking, screaming, snotting – yet full of promise.

With the mantra of: “IP Frequently – where, while always fair, nothing is off limits. We invite you to join the conversation” you are likely to hear things that you wildly agree with – please tell us – AND – things that will enrage you – please tell us! David and Brad and any guest host or interviewee commit to tell it like it is from their point of view, but also invite the other side of the debate to come on the show or respond in the written word to state their position.

Nothing but progress can come from an honest debate. Let’s hear it for the Socratic Method. If Brad and David are nothing else, they are argumentative…but pleasingly so. I don’t want to encourage them, but they can put a humorous spin on just about anything. Remember, the point is to advance the issues of Intellectual Property for the benefit of all.

So to that end – we currently invite USPTO Director Michele Lee (in absentia), Mark Lemley, or the founders of the IP Hall of Fame, or a representative from LOT Network, Open Invention Network, Microsoft Azure patent program to a future podcast episode, or anyone else who feels compelled (or slighted in some way). You’ve all been discussed!

We have our first three episodes up on IPWire and iTunes – so please give us a listen to all three before the tomatoes and fiery written barbs come flying (or not)…and, pro OR con, come participate. Innovation and Intellectual Property is fun, it’s exciting and more folks should be participating beyond us dullards.

Episode 1 – Welcome and a discussion of the IP Hall of Fame

Episode 2 – LOT Network, Open Invention Network (OIN) and Microsoft Azure program

Episode 3 – the Patent Troll Mythos

Disclaimers: We are new to the world of Podcasting and have day jobs advancing innovation and commercialization for our clients; so, we are likely to screw a bunch of things up along the way. We don’t have a formal schedule (we’ll try for one per week); we don’t have a formal editorial agenda (we’ll let the market dictate topics); we’re not sure if we can ever get an interview (are you brave enough to come on?). However, one thing is certain – we will be willing to take on the tough topics, explore them with the intent of crushing the inane and advancing the deserving while having a good time.

Shout outs for getting us this far:

Peralta Design – for all the excellent guidance on getting these Podcasts up online and syndicated on iTunes. And, for putting up with my whiny, weekend rants when I couldn’t figure out where to find the <any> key.

Davis Ray Hochstatter – my tallest progeny and an excellent voice over talent, Podcast editor and a Top Rocket League competitive player.

Matt DelGiorno – our first guest host and also a principal at Dominion Harbor – and the resident budget-conscious car parker…

Please keep and stay in touch. You matter and so do your opinions.

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