Alibaba Triples Size of Industry-Leading Alliance

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Alibaba Group said Friday the membership of a key group aimed at protecting intellectual property (IP) rights for brands on its platforms has more than tripled in size from inception – a sign of confidence and growing success in its collaborative efforts to combat counterfeits.

At its most recent gathering in Hangzhou, the Alibaba Anti-Counterfeiting Alliance (AACA) said its membership had climbed to 105 brands, up from the original 30 when it was founded in January 2017. The current membership (see list of members here) represents companies from 12 industry categories and global top names, including Bose, Canada Goose, Honda, Samsung, Mars, Adobe, Danone, Hasbro and L’Oreal.

“We take a partnership approach to protecting IP”, said Alibaba Senior Vice President Michael Yao, who heads brand-protection cooperation. “Brands share IPR and other related insights about their products – enabling us to leverage our proprietary, cutting edge technology and algorithms to root out and deter bad actors. The speed of the group’s expansion reflects the trust these large major global brands have in Alibaba and what we are doing.”

What is the AACA?

With the mission of “partnering to create a healthy society for the protection of intellectual property rights,” the alliance was created as a way for Alibaba to work with brands, using the latest anti-counterfeiting technology to protect IP across its platforms. AACA members collaborate in six key areas including proactive online monitoring and protection, a product test-buy program, offline investigations and enforcement actions, industry-law enforcement workshops, litigation tactics, and public awareness campaigns.

An AACA advisory board was established in September, enabling rights owners to provide feedback in areas such as IPR enforcement-related strategies, policies, procedures, new trends, litigation and platform practices throughout the e-commerce industry.

To better facilitate information-sharing, AACA members have been divided into 12 industry working groups (IWG) that will maintain regular dialogue outside of AACA’s triennual meetings and work hand-in-hand among themselves and with Alibaba to find solutions to problems encountered within their own sectors.

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