Alibaba Annual IP Protection Report Shows Strong Results

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Alibaba said on Friday that its efforts in intellectual-property-rights protection showed significant results in 2017, both on its e-commerce platforms and through its offline investigations and legal actions.

Figures in the company’s 2017 annual report on IPR protection pointed to improvements, such as significantly faster response times to takedown requests, and an increase in the number of brands and rights holders registered on its IP Protection (IPP) Platform. The more than tripling of the membership of the Alibaba Anti-Counterfeiting Association(AACA) announced two weeks ago was also a testament to the efficacy of these stepped-up efforts.

The announcement, which came during Alibaba’s IPR Protection Summit in Seattle, highlighted the following results for 2017:

  • Since the launch of Alibaba’s Express Intellectual Property Protection initiative in mid-2017, 95% of takedown requests have been processed within 24 hours, which is a 68% reduction in processing time compared to 2016.
  • The number of notice and takedown requests submitted by rights holders declined 42% year-over-year, even as the number of registered accounts on Alibaba’s IPP Platform rose 17%.
  • Advanced technology used by Alibaba to detect and remove illicit listings before they appear on the platforms proactively removed 27 times more listings than were processed as a result of requests from rights holders; 97% of all proactive takedowns occurred before a single sale occurred.
  • Alibaba’s commitment to supporting real-world law enforcement investigations into the sale of illicit goods delivered 1,910 leads to law enforcement that resulted in the arrest of 1,606 suspects, the closure of 1,328 facilities. The cases involved RMB 4.3 billion worth of non-genuine goods

“Today we are pleased to share the significant progress we made over the past year, but more importantly, we want to work with our stakeholders and continue to improve our IPR protection work and achieve more breakthroughs in 2018,” Alibaba Group Chief Platform Governance Officer Jessie Zheng said…

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