Ep. 21 – More on PTAB, or Moron PTAB, You Decide

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David Pridham and Brad Sheafe explore new revelations at the PTAB that continue to show the odds against the individual inventor remain stacked against them. They speculate about the outcome of Oil States before the Supreme Court (#SCOTUS) challenging the constitutionality of the non-Article III body and how it has chosen to operate. The good news is we have seen a trickle of Federal cases now overturn negative PTAB rulings – so there is hope.

The PTAB admitting on the record that it, in fact, stacked the judges to insure a favorable outcome for itself.

The judges of the PTAB recently named out of private practice are now sitting before former clients’ cases at the PTAB.

The PTAB’s cavalier interpretation of patent law and precedent.



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