Ep. 18 – Not Dr. Roy on the Attack and Phi Delta Phu

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Tossing offhanded rhetoric about a company’s intentions or motivations without any facts or insights is not proper and it leads to dangerous precedence – primarily with the uninitiated in the IP industry. Readers will just take these labels at face value and render an ill-informed opinion.

Dominion Harbor has helps dozens of F500/G2000 companies and equally important individual inventors receive fair value for their inventions. Our advocacy is FOR patent and FOR inventors both directly against infringers, but equally important in the halls of congress and the courtroom.

We invite anyone to see how much effort, technical and legal expertise our teams put into determining if we should move forward on an opportunity. Further, we wish we could share all the inbound inquiries from small inventors pleading for us to help them take on much larger firms whom they believe are taking their ideas; the rules are stacked against them and they require experts to help.

This is the Techrights story that got the guys to come to know Roy Schestowitz – and his, nothing short of wild ,conspiracy theories.

“Earlier today Benjamin Henrion pointed out that David Pridham, “CEO of the patent advisory [sic] Dominion Harbor Group,” now has a blog (even an attack on Google) over at Forbes. Dominion Harbor Group is a patent troll, not “patent advisory” or whatever euphemism they may choose. It’s also connected to Intellectual Ventures, the world’s largest patent troll. So what we have here are anti-Google articles from a man who is connected to Microsoft’s patent troll. Ain’t that just too shallow? Is he going to sue Google next? He recently got a big load of patents from Intellectual Ventures [12]. Such patents can never be used against Microsoft because Intellectual Ventures is deep in the pockets of Microsoft and Bill Gates (at a personal capacity, too)…”

From the website Linux Idiots where even this fellows Linux peers give him the business.

“The Roy Schestowitz liar”

“Roy Schestowitz is a career college student at some liberal artsy university. He has never had a job or any responsibility in his life and his poor parents have been supporting his butt for many years. Instead of actually graduating like you’re supposed to this proven liar spends 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (including all holidays) posting lies to every corner of the internet. He posts to a Microsoft-hate newsgroup called COLA for instance where he finds the time to make thousands of posts each month. Really… this is no exaggeration. He literally makes several thousand posts per month to this lowly newsgroup instead of studying or getting a job. He was posting so much and misusing his college computers so much that after several warnings and complaints his school had no choice but to suspend his internet posting privileges. (He’s not supposed to use school computers for personal gain.) Now he uses Mark Kent’s account (another linux liar) to spew his lies and hatred from.”


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