Ep. 28 – Part I: Interview with Patent Enforcement Iceberg co-authors Richardson & Oliver

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Check in with Brad Sheafe, Chief Intellectual Property Officer (CIPO) and David Pridham, CEO of Dominion Harbor, respectively. And on this episode a special treat is we’ll hear from two IP industry leaders over on the left coast, Kent Richardson and Erik Oliver, who along with co-author Mark Lemley published the 2017 paper entitled, “The Patent Enforcement Iceberg which can be had for download here on SSRN.

Settle in for a deep, and first ever two part interview. Since we know you are all Netflix & Podcast binge watchers and binge listeners we’ve posted both interview together. So grab that evening beverage and settle in for some downright IP entertainment by 4 IP luminaries. We missed you Mark – you would have had a ball.

Part II Here

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