Orthophoenix, LLC, Licenses Patents to DFINE, Inc.


LOS ANGELES, CA – 04/20/16 — Marathon Patent Group, Inc. (NASDAQ: MARA) (“Marathon”), a patent licensing company, announced today that its wholly-owned subsidiary, Orthophoenix, LLC, has licensed certain patents to DFINE, Inc. The consideration to be paid by DFINE, Inc. to Orthophoenix and all other commercial terms are confidential.

The Orthophoenix portfolio consists of patents, which relate to the treatment of bones including fractured and diseased bone elements. Claims coverage includes discharging a material into a bone cavity such that the bone assumes an expanded geometry. In addition to claims covering discharging a material into a bone structure, the portfolio includes additional patents and associated claims which address bone treatments in which an expandable structure is introduced into a collapsed bone and subsequently manipulated such that the structure forms an expanded geometry inside the bone. Exemplary patents in this portfolio include U.S. Patents 6,248,110, 6,280,456, 6,440,138, 7,044,954, and 6,863,672 with additional foreign patent grants providing International coverage.

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