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by: Tom Hochstatter

Sure glad you are here. You’ve found it. The newest intellectual property blog – your mind immediately racing to “why, why, yet another IP blog”? Well, that is a fair question; here’s a fair answer, in my opinion.

I first launched IPWire in March of 2010 with a sole purpose – to bring more transparency to the IP industry on whole. I set out to capture any and all intellectual property transactions I could discover because I didn’t like the opacity or secrecy of it all. Back then in my tenderfoot state I couldn’t reconcile the number one industry complaint with the abject resistance thereof – patent price discovery! A ridiculous conundrum.

So nearly everyday for the past seven years (sans a small hiatus after Dominion Harbor acquired IPWire last year I had been seeking, posting and making available every IP transaction I could find, worldwide, and posting them here in a centralized place. Now with more that 4,000 such transactions recorded it may be the largest collection in the industry.

This year the Dominion team and I chose to expand to capture more of the energy of the intellectual property industry. We’ve added 4 other broad categories in addition to Transactions: Patent & Trade Mark Offices, Legal, Market-focused on Innovative markets), the Blog – to provide original IP content.

I mean who could ignore a morphing political landscape, BREXIT/UPC, the “Where’s Waldo” USPTO director, TC Heartland, Alice, China, a new SCOTUS justice, Apple v. Samsung, and most importantly capturing the personality and characters here at IPWire’s Dominion Harbor parent.

Beyond these bigger than life personalities the most powerful things that drew me to sell my company and join Dominion Harbor:

  • the passion the team has for intellectual property – it’s boundless, truly,
  • the experience – it’s unrivaled – the combined team now boasts nearly $1.0 Billion IP transactions for clients
  • prosecuted hundreds of new patent issues that seemed impossible when we received our client’s portfolios
  • survived dozens of IPRs for clients – that then turned into significant commercialization benefit
  • yes, litigated (‘gasp”) hundreds of patent cases to positive settlement
  • much of the team are lawyers (not me, for the record)
  • many are patent holders (me, one patent and one pending application…)
  • IAM Strategy 300 honorees – multiple years running

The above may sound a little like “braggy” and perhaps it is, but it’s also fair for you, the reader, to know your authors credentials and therefore assess their credibility when they weigh in on a topic on this blog. And weigh in they will.

Fair and Civil

I’ll warn you now – those of us that pen our thoughts herein will be vehement and will hold to no preconceived rule set. Expect our authors to speak their minds, encouraged by me to do so, unapologetic, and then invite this audience to respond. I will demand that the conversation is fair and civil. We don’t have to agree with one another and the issues won’t progress if seeking only our side of the point or argument. Back up your points with facts that others can easily verify, state your opinion based upon actual experiences in the topic and then challenge those brave enough to put their thoughts on the blog if you have a different point of view.

What we will promise. We are going to talk to you and with you – never at you and certainly never down to you. More importantly we’ll listen to you and the marketplace so that we can bring the most interesting, informative, or dare we say most innovative IP content of the day.

I’d like to say we have this blog thing figured out with some editorial agenda, experience, scheduled release of stories on determined topics, and authors lined up. It’s not how we roll. In fact, beyond this introductory blog – I’m not quite sure what’s next other than I work with a team full of ideas, opinions and fair bit of snark, chomping at the bit to share their “righteous” points of view…

We will publish when the market demands or commands or the inspiration hits. Our topics will range. Our authors will introduce themselves along the way. Our schedule indeterminate.

I look forward to the conversations. I welcome your comments herein. Follow our Twitter @ipwire and @dominionharbor and subscribe to IPWire here<<link>>.

Tom Hochstatter

Chief Strategy Officer & Managing Editor, IPWire


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