Emirati woman wows: inventor notches up a dozen inventions

ABU DHABI: The international search and examining authorities of the World Intellectual Property Organisation (Wipo) have approved until now seven world patents out of the 12 inventions by an Emirati woman, Eida Butti Almuhairbi, financial account team leader, ZADCO CO, in Abu Dhabi.

Almuhairbi’s inventions were achieved in co-operation with her partner, a Jordanian UAE resident Eng. Wasfi Amin Alshdaifat.

The approved patents include a design for a semi-pneumatic tyre, which the inventors say is safe for driving at relatively high speeds and for longer distances after a puncture.
The inventors also invented a double-ring support for a run-flat tyre integrated inside a conventional tyre. This arrangement eases driving without air for a long distance and a reasonable speed after a puncture.

They also claim invention of a multi-chamber can with compact multi-actuator that can be used to unite separate cans or bottles of same use into one (internally divided), with one compact actuator of various nozzles.

Further, they indicated that they also invented a retractable earpiece for audio devices to be used specially in aeroplanes, providing each passenger with a comfort audio zone to hear music of his or her choice. The earpiece has been integrated inside the tip of the passenger’s seat armrest, avoiding the necessity of the host to distribute or gather headsets as is being conventionally done.

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