e.Digital Announces New Patent Licensees

SAN DIEGO, CA–(Marketwired – May 14, 2013) – e.Digital Corporation (OTCQB: EDIG), a long standing source of innovation and future-defining patented technologies, announced today that its attorneys have successfully secured new patent license agreements for technologies embodied in its Flash-R™ patent portfolio. The arrangements represent the first license agreements since resolution of the Eastern District of Texas and Colorado court actions.

“We will continue to enforce our patents through fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory patent licensing or through litigation,” said Fred Falk, president and CEO of e.Digital. “Our objective is simply to monetize our technology for the betterment of the Company and our shareholders. Responsible companies like Diasonic and iriver, who respect the intellectual properties of others, are some of the most recent parties to license our technology. In addition, we are in licensing negotiations with several other companies which we expect will materialize into finalized agreements soon,” added Falk.

“In addition to the efforts on the Flash-R portfolio, we are executing a licensing strategy for our Nunchi® patent portfolio. Along with IPmetrics, our patent licensing consultant, we are targeting strategic partners to license our Nunchi context and interpersonal awareness systems technologies,” concluded Falk.

e.Digital’s Flash-R patent portfolio is comprised of fundamental technology related to the use of flash memory in the large and growing portable electronic products market. The Company introduced the first portable recorder with removable flash memory in 1993 and believes its patent portfolio to be essential to many consumer electronics products that utilize flash memory including cell phones, digital cameras, camcorders, PDAs and other popular devices.

The Nunchi patent portfolio describes foundational technologies of mobile devices, cloud computing and adaptive computing enabling mobile devices to function introspectively, adaptively, and anticipatorily, providing new user experiences, new revenue models and adding value for mobile communications. The technology behind e.Digital’s Nunchi gathers sensor and user data from enabled mobile devices. Cloud based advanced signal processing is used to combine sensor and user information, interpret surroundings, activities, conditions and the social situation of the user and act on that understanding.

About e.Digital Corporation: For more than 20 years, e.Digital’s ideas and inventions have impacted the evolution of consumer products. Today, e.Digital innovations, including its Flash-R™ portfolio of flash memory-related patents, are essential to many portable consumer electronic products. The Company pioneered dedicated portable in-flight entertainment systems and more than 30 airlines have made e.Digital powered products their in-flight entertainment choice. For more information about e.Digital, please visit: www.edigital.com.

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