Creative Medical Technologies Licenses Technology


PHOENIX–Creative Medical Technologies, Inc. (CMT) announced today the signing of a license agreement with LA BioMed granting exclusive rights for United States patent application #14/508763, covering the use of stem cells for treatment of male infertility. In the patent application and a subsequent publication,1 Ronald S. Swerdloff, M.D., an LA BioMed lead researcher and UCLA professor of medicine, demonstrated that the administration of bone marrow cells into the testicles of mice with chemically induced damage to sperm producing cells led to the generation of new sperm-producing cells. In order to specifically demonstrate that the cells that were produced originated from the donor bone marrow, the team used genetically engineered mice possessing Green Fluorescent Protein (GFP) in every cell of their body. Interestingly, mice that did not have GFP possessed sperm-producing cells that were green after they had received intra-testicular administration of GFP bone marrow.

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