CopyTele Enters Into License Agreement With Tafco


MELVILLE, NY – October 2, 2013: CopyTele, Inc. (“CTI”), a company specializing in patent monetization and patent assertion, today announced that its wholly owned subsidiary, J-Channel Industries Corporation, has entered into a license agreement with Tafco Corporation, in connection with its patented J-Channel Window Frame Construction technology. The Agreement is the first license entered into since CTI began to implement its new patent assertion business strategy only 7 months ago.

Robert Berman, CTI’s President and CEO stated, “This Agreement represents a significant milestone in demonstrating that we are successfully executing our business model to evaluate, acquire, assert, and monetize patent portfolios. When considering the great progress we have made in the relatively short amount of time since joining the company, the future looks very bright for CTI and its shareholders.”

The license agreement resolves the patent infringement lawsuit against Tafco Corporation and Lowes Companies, Inc. filed on August 7, 2013, which will be dismissed. In total, CTI and its subsidiary companies currently have 21 active lawsuits across 5 patented technologies including E-Paper Electrophoretic Displays, Nano Field Emission Displays, Key Based Web Conferencing Encryption, J-Channel Window Frame Construction, and Loyalty Conversion Systems.

About CopyTele, Inc.

CTI develops and acquires patented technologies for the purposes of patent monetization and patent assertion. The company currently has 6 patent portfolios in the areas of Key Based Web Conferencing Encryption, E-Paper® Electrophoretic Displays, Nano Field Emission Displays, Micro Electro Mechanical Systems Displays, Loyalty Conversion Systems, and J-Channel Window Frame Construction. Additional information is available at

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