Part III: Enough with the Troll Narrative: The New Era has Arrived

The "troll" term was ridden to such great heights - to provide air cover for much more menacing behavior from [...]

Alibaba’s Enhanced IP Protection Platform Now Eliminates Fake Listings in Less Than 24 Hours

Further significant progress in brand protection efforts also shared with 180 brand representatives at Alibaba’s Brand Rights Holders Day BEIJING--(BUSINESS [...]

East Texas jury levies $21M verdict against Hughes Network for patent infringement

by David Yates | Aug. 9, 2017 MARSHALL – An East Texas jury recently found Hughes Network Systems should pay a defense contractor [...]

Part II: Enough with the “Troll” Narrative; Wolf Cried Sufficiently

"Promise never to utter the “T”-word again"     by: Tom Hochstatter | August 11, 2017 [This is the second [...]

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Director’s Forum: A Blog from USPTO’s Leadership on Patent Subject Matter Eligibility

New Report Presents Viewpoints on Patent Subject Matter Eligibility Tuesday Jul 25, 2017 | Blog by Joe Matal, Performing the [...]

Zydus announces settlement with Aptalis on CANASA

Cadila Healthcare, a global pharmaceuticals company and its subsidiary Zydus Pharmaceuticals Inc. (USA), announced on Monday that the company has [...]

MannKind plots trial pairing inhaled insulin Afrezza with One Drop’s digital diabetes manager

The MannKind-One Drop test will pair the inhaled insulin Afrezza with a One Drop program that includes its mobile app, [...]

How China’s cutting-edge drones are transforming the nation

From monitoring pollution to displaying ‘fireworks’ to revolutionizing farming, the sky’s the limit for these hi-tech flying machines Stephen Chen [...]

Cost of Patent Infringement Litigation Falling Sharply

By Malathi Nayak, Bloomberg BNA Patent litigation costs declined drastically from 2015 to 2017, as litigants controlled expenses and increasingly [...]

Two Radio-Company Copyright Infringement Suits Settled.

Two copyright infringement lawsuits filed by Long Island-based attorney Richard Liebowitz have been settled—unceremoniously—out of court. Nearly identical in scope, [...]

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